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dotstreamTM is a scalable, cloud-based data fusion and analytics platform that ingests large-scale, multi-modal transportation information. The platform was designed to support digital transportation solutions that require the flexibility of ingesting and fusing diverse data sets with GIS content.


Data Integration Framework

A library of customizable interfaces and stream processors for ingesting a wide range of data including high-volume, real-time data. The dotstream™ data integration framework also provides for bi-directional data integration (Data as a Service) with external systems through accessible APIs.

Data Hub

The core big data repository is designed for trusted, structured, relational, operational data. It also performs a data warehousing role for Business Intelligence (BI) and machine learning (ML) components that require historical data.

Machine Learning Engine

The data analytics capabilities within dotstream™ include a suite of machine learning-based Prediction Engines for predicting roadway congestion, incident hotspots, parking availability, transit crowding, and more.

Automation & Decision Support

The Decision Support System (DSS) toolkit identifies, evaluates, and selects coordinated strategies for meeting transportation network key performance indicators (KPIs) in response to recurring congestion and transportation events (planned and unplanned) impacting safety and mobility.

Data Visualization & User Interface

The user interfaces allow for end users to view the processed, validated, and analyzed data to support operations, planning, and executive decision making. A web-based, interactive, layer-based, GIS-based Map Viewer provides geographical representations of historical, real-time, and forecasted conditions affecting the transportation network.

Data Mart & Data Management

To facilitate data dissemination, dotstream™ includes a Data Mart and supplies a variety of APIs for unified access by authorized third parties and stakeholders to consume data that the Data Hub has collected and aggregated. Data APIs support information sharing with participating agencies and other data consumers in standard formats.


Decision Making Supported by Artificial Intelligence

Congestion Prediction

The dotstream™ congestion prediction engine can generate time-banded predictions of traffic congestion at the road link level.

Incident Hotspot Prediction

The dotstream™ incident prediction engine can forecast incident hotspot conditions, including likely duration and impact based on real-time and forecasted conditions.

Parking Demand Prediction

The dotstream™ parking prediction engine relies on a combination of historical and real-time data to provide parking occupancy predictions.

Transit Crowding Prediction

The dotstream™ transit demand prediction engine uses historical and real-time transit data to predict future transit crowding per stop or route.

Don’t get lost in your data

Put Your Data to Use

dotstreamTM is the ideal platform to deliver custom end-user solutions that require the integration of historical and real-time data to drive intelligent decision support.




The dotstream™ BI Toolkit leverages data collected from roadway sensors and IoT devices to deliver a suite of data visualizations and insights that provide City and arterial management staff with full situational awareness and data-driven management of smart city infrastructure.



dotstream™ interactive maps and dashboards support performance-based freeway operations by leveraging historical, real-time, and predictive regional traffic conditions, including congestion levels, route slowdowns, and incident performance measures.



The dotstream™ framework allows for the collection, aggregation, validation, and sharing of transit and micromobility data, providing visual representations of KPIs to transit operations and planning staff.



The dotstream™ library of data analytics and predictive tools allow for active transportation management and continuous improvement through performance-based land and air operations for major airports in NY and NJ.



The dotstream™ BI Toolkit provides traffic managers and operations personnel the ability optimize travel times and manage the load between various bridges, tunnels, and ports of entry to proactively enhance safety and mobility.



The dotstream™ BI Toolkit provides operations staff with insights to optimize commercial vehicle movement and traffic flow in and out of major marine ports in NJ.

Our Approach



Our design approach allows end users to visualize and test ideas before they are fully developed, to create a better, more intuitive user experience. We collaborate with our clients to design all solution building blocks, including system architectures, data flow diagrams, use cases, workflows, and mockups.



Keen attention to detail ensures that our work products are of the highest quality. We consider data validation an essential function; through each processing step, data is complete, correct, and relevant for our end users.



Our active, pragmatic approach to innovation supports opportunities to quickly adopt new technologies, emerging industry trends, artificial intelligence techniques, and novel approaches to problem solving.



Our project execution approach ensures all needs, requirements, and functionality are met through active and continuous client engagement, the agility to incorporate enhancements and upgrades, and a grounding in well-established solutions.

Consulting Services

Solution Consulting

We believe our clients should benefit from every pocket of our expertise and experiences, whether from the transportation industry or otherwise, from our successes and our biggest challenges. And we’ve learnt that what really drives success is rarely just the latest and greatest but more often the disciplined application of well-honed ideas.


We provide system integration services tailored to the transportation industry, including Smart Devices, Advanced Transportation and Congestion Management Technologies, Integrated Mobility Services and Integrated Corridor & Regional Management Systems.

Solution Development

We have deep and broad experience in implementing complex software solutions across the full application stack. We accommodate both Agile and Waterfall development methodologies while practicing a user-centric approach to deliver working solutions.

Technical Project Management

We provide a wide range of project execution services for all stages of your technology projects, including program and project management, technical project oversight, and vendor coordination. We keep a laser focus on project tracking and technical deliverables, aiming to be an extension of your team at every project stage.

Data Analysis and Visualization

Whether you need to integrate real-time data from sensors, connected vehicles, or mobility providers, we have the expertise to integrate multi-modal data to enable self-service reporting and dashboarding. We use industry standards to extract, transform, and load data for performance evaluation, data visualization, and analytics.

Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V)

We provide a third-party oversight service for both public and private sector organizations to validate solution specifications and requirements, and perform or oversee functional, operational, and integration testing, including issue tracking and resolution.

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About Us

We are a New York-based WBE/DBE/SBE company providing the technology and expertise to deliver the next generation of transportation solutions. Our mission is to innovate and deliver working solutions in the emerging transportation revolution. We are a team of software engineers, systems engineers, data scientists, electrical engineers, and transportation subject matter experts with the right skills to deliver innovative, working solutions.


Fariel Bouattoura

Fariel Bouattoura


Fariel serves as the Chief Executive Officer, responsible for strategic direction and managing all aspects of the business. Prior to founding Mindhop in 2017, she managed global software and engineering teams and led the delivery of Advanced Transportation Solutions.

Dominic Sheehan

Dominic Sheehan

Chief Technology Officer

Dom is our CTO, responsible for the overall technical architecture and software development for Mindhop’s core product, dotstream™. Earlier in his career, Dom architected some of the first truly global risk management systems for international banks. He has extensive experience implementing data intensive solutions with complex analytical requirements.

Joe Zingalli

Joe Zingalli

Senior Solution Architect

Joe is our Senior Solution Architect, responsible for planning all activities leading to the development and implementation of solutions for various transportation projects. He has extensive experience in the design, development, and integration of data-driven technical solutions within the transportation industry.

Ian Muir

Ian Muir

Chief Data Scientist

    As Mindhop’s Chief Data Scientist, Ian works with our team of data scientists to develop and enhance our transportation machine learning capabilities. Ian has over 30 years of experience in quantitative modeling and developing machine learning tools and statistical models for banking and insurance applications. Disclaimer: Ian’s headshot was generated by OpenAI DALL·E 2.

    Samantha Blaisdell

    Samantha Blaisdell

    Product Manager

    Sam is our Product Manager, responsible for product strategy and marketing, business development, and transportation technology solution delivery. She has extensive experience developing and deploying complex software systems and managing large projects and programs in the transportation sector.

    Juan Moreno

    Juan Moreno

    Solution Delivery Manager

    As our Solution Delivery Manager, Juan ensures that proposed solutions are shaped and scoped to meet customers’ requirements and desired business outcomes. He is a hands-on leader and UI/UX expert with experience in Business Intelligence and data analytics and visualization.

    Valentin Tiganila

    Valentin Tiganila

    Systems Engineer Lead

    As a Systems Engineer Lead, Valentin maintains client systems, software applications, and network infrastructure. He is responsible for oversight of a team of systems and network engineers that provide software, hardware, and networking support to end users.

    Donald Francis

    Donald Francis

    Network Engineer

    Donald is a Network Engineer with hands-on experience in the design and implementation of intricate network infrastructure, data centers, security systems, and cloud infrastructure deployments.

    Erion Kondi

    Erion Kondi

    Systems Engineer

    Erion is a Systems Engineer with technical expertise in IT systems engineering and deployments, system administration for service provider networks, and enterprise infrastructure.

    Daniel Tartaglione

    Daniel Tartaglione

    Solution Developer

    Daniel is a Solution Developer, responsible for developing and deploying data intensive analytics solutions. As a full stack software developer, he has experience in both front-end and back-end development.

    Sophie Jaro

    Sophie Jaro

    Data Scientist

    As a Data Scientist, Sophie leverages her quantitative and software development skills to gather, process, and analyze information hidden in vast amounts of transportation data to support data-driven planning, analysis, operations, and executive decision making.

    Danny Hong

    Danny Hong

    Data Scientist

    As a Data Scientist, Danny utilizes his software engineering and machine learning skillset to collect, integrate, fuse, analyze, and visualize large volumes of transportation data.



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